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I guess it is about reducing confusion about when to be places and getting rid of saying "AM or PM." When I started traveling internationally a lot more a few years ago, I was surprised at how common 24 hour time was for civil use in other countries.

Breitling User Manuals - Breitling Source

In Europe and Japan for example, 24 hour time seems to be the norm much of the time.

<em>Breitling</em> Aerospace User <em>Manual</em> - <em>Breitling</em> Source

Navitimer World - User Guide - BREITLING INSTRUMENTS FOR.

Someone recently asked me a question about watches with 24 hour dials.

Breitling Aerospace User Manual - Breitling Source

Many dital watches do this with ease (switch back and forth), but 24 hour analog dial watches are much less common.

Breitling owner manual pdf:

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