Bridge camera with manual shutter speed

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(Above) My own bridge camera - the Fujifilm S6500FD. Vertical fountains of intense green and white rays and shimmering curtains surrounded me as I stood at the centre of the field getting buffeted by the chilly Autumn wind which howled through the trees.

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Despite the inky darkness of the clear moonless nht there was barely a star to be seen, even the fiery beacon of Mars was reduced to insnificance in the south, which it seemed was the only place under the entire dome of the sky which was left untouched by the frantic geomagnetic storm now assaulting the Earth’s magnetic field.

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The disturbance seemed to reach a crescendo as the zenith became masked in a brht crimson flame which flickered with an indescribable beauty like a silent explosion.

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It was October 2003 and I had just witnessed one of the most amazing aurora borealis displays I had ever seen in my life.

Bridge camera with manual shutter speed:

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