Flutterbye flying fairy doll instruction manual

Flutterbye Fairy Instruction Manual

I found on my daughters fairy both were snapped off and the small plastic 8 was laying in the waist. You can twist off the legs (just turn counter clockwise while pulling lhtly). A stem is attached with a washer, don't lose the washer.

Flying Fairy Fée Volante - Flutterbye Fairies

I reattached them and it worked fine for about 5 minutes and it came off again. Look inside the waist and you will see the little plastic balls hanging off the side of the wehts and wings. Probably won't last long because the plastic is already damaged some what and will come off easier each time it reattached.

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What is happening is the wehts at the waist are support to spin, and lift the top set wings. There is a little plastic piece inside shaped like an 8.

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When off the wehts hang down and so do the wings.

Flutterbye flying fairy doll instruction manual:

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