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This, the 30th edition of the "United States Government Printing Office Style Manual", is the first revision to this authoritative style manual since 2002.

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The "GPO Style Manual, as it is popularly known, is issued under the authority of section 1105 of Title 44 U. C., which requires the Public Printer, as head of the GPO to "dtermine the form and style in which the printing...ordered by a department is executed...having proper reagrd to economy, workmanship, and the purposes for which the work is needed." The Manual is prepared by the GPO Style Board, composed of proofreading, printing, and Government documents specialists from within GPO, where all congressional publications, and many other key Federal Government documents are prepared. It was developed orginally as a printer's stylebook to standardize word and type treatment and remains so today.

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Through successived editions, however, the "GPO Style Manual" has come to be widely recognized by writers and editors both within and outside the Federal Government as one of the most useful resources in the editorial arsenal.

United States Government Printing Office Style Manual

The GPO has issued the first update since 2008 of its Style Manual, the guide to the style and form of federal government printing and publishing.“The Manual has come to be widely recognized by writers and editors both within and outside the federal government as an important editorial tool,” GPO said in the announcement.

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