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15.5 liter gearbox, I just mention the syncro shuttle as it identifies which gearbox it is apparently? still need to do this job, in fact its now urgent since I've discovered the oil cooler is knackered.having looked at it no, I dont think there are two boxes to fill? I think the converter is drained seperately but fills itself from the main gearbox to clarification & pointers on sourcing the rht oil machine no.

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(I was told by JCB UK)I phoned my nearest JCB dealer (in France) who said he had the rht stuff, an hour later I arrive only to be presented with (non JCB) AT oil, I tell him its not rht & it should be either JCB special transmission fluid or SAE 10W as its a manual gearbox, he then phones JCB France with my chassis number, they have never heard of JCB special transmission fluid & keep no record of JCBs of that era! 338442 & was told by JCB that it is a synchro shuttle box, I have a leaver to left to select forward or reverse, a normal manual clutch and 4 speed gear stick Torque converters only 1/2 drain themselves (anything below shaft level doesn't drain) so, often, you'll find a drain plug on the periphery of the converter, though you'll have to rotate the engine to get it to the bottom.

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Personally I wouldn't bother mucking around, just drain the gearbox!

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Gearboxes and converters share the same oil I don't know anything specific about JCB's, but if it's a gearbox with converter then what's wrong with normal red ATF?

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