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Death Knights of Krynn Adventurer's Journal Part II: The Journal Entries Journal Remarks: Two GIF scans are included from the journals. It's a great task that some Gnome is this town must take to task.

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You may view these separately with your own GIF viewer. -Repo Man -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-JOURNAL ENTRIES-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- JOURNAL ENTRIES 1 -Tale of Crook Street "It's the worst street in town, you know. The machine would need to..." JOURNAL ENTRY 17 -Maya in Distress You hear a scream from the other side of the graveyard and rush to assist.

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Some of you may notice while reading the following entries that Journal Entry 13 is not present, well don't think it was missed, it was not included in the original documentation. You find Maya surrounded and restrained by hordes of undead.

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If a body wanted to do a little private business or hide out, it's the perfect place. JOURNAL ENTRY 8 -Sir Thom's Story "My name is Thom Govamont and I am Knight Emeritus of the Order of the Rose. We are anxious to learn how his power may be stopped." JOURNAL ENTRY 11 -Maya Speaks Maya jumps out from a dark cave, blocking your path. "You have been captured by an aquatic race, known as the Kuo-Toa. The only flames to be found aboard the ship are in the temple, where they light holy torches to represent their trust in their gods. Make your way to the temple and set fire to the boat with the torches. Whatever you do, don't get in any fights before you reach the torches!

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