Fox float rl rear shock 2012 manual

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For instance, just pointing out and identifying the parts in the beginning would be helpful.

Rear Shock Owner's Manual - Fox Shox

With this video, you were talking about the various seals, main body, canister, etc., but because the two tracks weren't in sync it was not clear to me which seals were which; that is, you're talking but the video is panning over practiy the entire shock without your finger pointing out which seal you're talking about, exactly.

<i>Float</i> rl - <i>Fox</i> Racing Shox

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Mike, these videos are great, but may I make a suggestion: the difficulty is that your audio track is dubbed over a general video of the shock at various points of disassembly, repair, and reassembly.

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I know this format comes across as smooth, but there ends up being a lot lost in the presentation.

Fox float rl rear shock 2012 manual:

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