Volume shadow copy manual or automatic

How to Turn Off Volume Shadow Copy -

Out of interest, does anyone have any idea what in the AV (KIS 2015) would be blocking VSS from starting suddenly (I haven't changed any of its settings from before the issue arose)?

Why do I Need Shadow Copies of my Backup Volume?

I recently removed the MPC Cleaner malware from my Sony VAIO AIO pc (vpcl137fx) running Windows 7 sp1 and so many files are missing that i am not sure it is worth trying to tackle each one individually.

<i>Volume</i> <i>Shadow</i> <i>Copy</i> Service <i>Manual</i> Or <i>Automatic</i>

Volume Shadow Copy Service Manual Or Automatic

Sadly the only Image i had of the pc was corrupt so I am left with restoring to the factory...

System Restore Did Not Complete Successfully -

Error 3 But I do have in my system32 folder I have this in registry under description @%systemroot%\system32\vssvc.exe,-101I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Is this the correct setting or should it be set to "automatic" ?

Volume shadow copy manual or automatic:

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