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Add a 1 x 1 with a stud on the front on top of the gray piece. Add two 1 x 1 bricks with a stud on the side behind those, and the studs should face the sides of the head.

LEGO Star Wars Escape the Space Slug Building

Step 5: Add a 1 x 1 brick and a 1 x 1 brick with a stud on the side, both between the eyes.

<i>LEGO</i> Instructions for <i>STAR</i> <i>WARS</i> V-WING FHTER

LEGO Star Wars C3PO Building Instructions -

The other day we posted instructions for making a LEGO R2-D2, and I said that Aidan was working on a C3Po desn. This C3PO is not the rht scale compared to the R2-D2, but it was the closest we could get with the amount of yellow pieces that we have.

LEGO Star Wars Instructions Brick Owl - LEGO

Hopefully this C3PO will be a fun project to build! ” 🙂 You can see how to build the R2-D2 here: R2-D2 Building Instructions Step 1: Build the head. Step 2: Attach a 2 x 3 yellow plate so that it is centered.

Lego star wars building manuals:

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