Mitsubishi hd5000 tv manual

HC5000 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

I've gotten the urge to play some race driving simulators on my computer and watch the display on my HDTV set, a Mitsubishi WS-48413 CRT rear-projection TV.

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The TV has component video inputs of both the RGB and the Y/Pb/Pr variety, and a DVI input as well.

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However, about this input the manual says: This is a Mitsubishi-exclusive proprietary dital interface for the display of hh quality dital video snals from Mitsubishi products such as the HD-5000 HDTV Receiver/Controller.

Free Mitsubishi Electronics Universal Remote User Manuals.

This can be used as a DVI input for other compatible sources.

Mitsubishi hd5000 tv manual:

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