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Pump #2 runs on hh for 5-6 minutes and shuts down for about 5 minutes, then comes on for another 2-3 minutes. What is my next step to troubleshoot the exact issue? And, if you feel I am still wrong I will gracfully bow out. And, I do not want anyone safty or property to be at any fault of mine. Thanks, Jeff I have the paper work on the 2005 Cal nitor if you would like.

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Swapped out pump with a spare I had and it does the same thing. 5KCP49TN9069X is the model number of the GE motor that is overheating and shutting down intermittently. Don't know the model number but it's got the 5000/5300 electronic control. During the move nitors can get fractured or broken they ssound fractured. I asked you about the water level Because air get into the pump. Happy Reading:o)The pump is probably the hardest working piece of equipment on your spa.

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The water line is at the middle of the filter housing per manufacturers instructions. Previous owner didn't experience any of these issues. Do you have a meter that we can take some readings with and a picture of the spa pack with the cover off will help immensley as well so that I can point you in the rht direction of testing the correct wires. and it causes the eymptoms you are having to the T! To keep water moving throughout the entire circulation system the pump draws the water from the spa then pumps it on through the filter, heater and back through the jets.

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Please route my question to poolguy810 who is certified to answer questions relating to pools and hot tubs. There is no noise (where did that come from) and there is no water leak anywhere. poolguy810 has responded to questions in the past about this exact model of hot tub with a similar issue. Just let me know, I can track it down for you with a little help on your end. Now has this pump ever worked properly in the past, or is this a new installation and it's a new problem? If you would like instruction on how to repair your nitor before you cause another problem please let me know. :o)Respectfully Yours, Certified Pool, Spa, Electrical Inspector Brook ;o) As an inspector we do a lot of research and I spent about 4 days diagnoising your problem. By trapping this debris, the pump helps ease the burden placed on the filter, leaving it free to catch the smaller pollutants in the water.

2005 cal spa hot tub manual:

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