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After some consideration, I've decided to repost this index to the solutions.

Ed Qm solutionsGriffiths d.j. introduction to quantum mechanics 2ed

I understand that some folks may be concerned that I am providing 'free' answers to problems that some students have been assigned as homework, but there are several points that should be made: There is an official site listing errata in the textbook.

Introduction To <i>Quantum</i> <i>Mechanics</i> 2nd Edition Textbook <i>Solutions</i>.

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If you're confused by something in the text itself, it's worth having a look here to see if there is a typo on that page.

Solution Manual Introduction To Electrodynamics Griffiths Pdf

For the distribution of ages in Section 1.3.1: (a) Compute (b) Determine for each j, and use Equation 1.11 to compute the standard deviation.

Griffiths quantum mechanics solutions manual pdf:

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