Stalker clear sky user manual

STALKER Clear Sky Tweak Guide

Once this is done either start a new game or load a saved game the press the key which you binded to show the console, a console then drops down from the top half of the screen which enables you to type commands in, example type help hit enter this will give you a list of available commands.

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If you go to your options menu before starting the game you need to set a key to bring up the console (This key by default on most games is the tilde key "`" top left corner below the Escape key) but you can set it to what ever you want when binding your keys.

<i>STALKER</i> <i>Clear</i> <i>Sky</i> Tweak Guide

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Unlike the original game, which focused on exploration and uncovering the mysteries of the Zone, Clear Sky changes the focus and provides the player with a more combat-oriented game.

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These same factions did play a role in the original game, but the player's ability to interact with them was limited; Clear Sky changes that.

Stalker clear sky user manual:

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