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The "CLASSIC" bank contains 25 programs reminiscent of the original presets from early SPX models such as the SPX90II. Efficient Color-coded Interface The SPX2000 is designed for maximum operability and reliability in any situation.

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The rugged aluminum front panel features 2 sets of intuitive cross-keys for easy navigation and editing.

<strong>Yamaha</strong> <strong>SPX2000</strong> Digital Multi-Effect Processor ProAVmax Sales.

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Parameters are arranged into 3 groups: PARAMETER, FINE PARAM, and UTILITY for speedy access. UNDO, COMPARE, BANK, MODE, METER, TAP, and BYPASS ... For striking visual contrast and easy identification, the SPX2000 LCD has five backlight color variations.

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The preset programs are color-coded by effect group for instant identification: cyan for reverbs, white for delays, magenta for pitch & modulation, yellow for others, and green for the CLASSIC bank. There's also an OPERATION LOCK function that offers 3 security levels to prevent accidental utility setting changes, protect stored memories, or to prohibit almost all operations.

Yamaha spx2000 manual pdf:

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