Control remoto universal rca rcu403n manual

RCA RCU403 Code list for RCU403 RCU403 - Page 1

If you cannot locate the code for your device, try the code search method below: Press "ON/OFF" repeatedly until the device turns off.

Program a RCA RCU403 Universal Remote Control - YouTube

Note that because there are so many codes, you may have to press the "ON/OFF" button a few hundred times if your code is towards the end in the list.

Information, <i>Manual</i> and Code List for the <i>RCA</i> <i>RCU403N</i> <i>Universal</i>.

RCA RCU403 Code list for RCU403 RCU403 -

The instructions on this page apply for the following models: HC1310, RCU300, RCU300MS, RCU300T, RCU300TMS, RCU300WBL, RCU300X, RCU310, RCU310BB, RCU403, RCU403SP, RCU404, RCU410, RCU410BL, RCU410MS, RCU410W, RCU410WMS, RCU410X, RCU430D, RCU450, RCU4GLW, RCU510, RCU600, RCU600BL, RCU600M, RCU600WMS, RCU800, RCU800B, RCU800MS, RCU800X, RCU807, RCU811, RCU811S, RCU811W, RCU811W, RCU1300, RCU1400, RCUSAT1, System Link4, Systemlink3.

RCA RCU403 3-Device Universal Remote.

Press and release the device (VCR, TV, Cable etc.) button.

Control remoto universal rca rcu403n manual:

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