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Cómo cambiar el texto de los menús en un Garmin - YouTube

A que estaría cojonudo que nada mas encender el GPS arrancara con Garmin?

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Both the total activity distance and the detected moving time are used to calculate your average speed or pace on Strava.

Cómo cambiar el texto de los menús en un <strong>Garmin</strong> - YouTube

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First off, compare your stats for total distance and moving time and see below for how both of these metrics may be recalculated on Strava.

Why is Strava showing different data than my Garmin? – Strava Support

There are a few conditions where Strava will display a different distance calculation on your activity page: To request to have your distance reverted to what your GPS device reports, please submit a new support ticket, titled "Revert Distance" and include the relevant activity URLs where you would like the distance to be reverted. If you leave the GPS signal enabled on your device while recording indoors, Strava will attempt to calculate your activity time, distance and speed from a stationary signal, resulting in very little distance traveled at very low speeds.

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