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Samsung EP10-000331A Remote Controller for SDS, SDH series.

With this tool, you can access Samsung products anywhere around the world via the network, and check the video data from the connected cameras. Default ID : ADMIN Password : 4321 JJ The default password can be exposed to a hacking thread so it is recommended to change the password after installing the product. b c d e f a g Smart Viewer h Item Description a ID Shows the user ID. e Brhtness You can adjust the brhtness for the current screen. g Sequence Performs automatic transition of the selected split screens. From the favorite list, double-click an item to import. The favorite contents of the selected item will be applied on the screen. Current Zoom Factor Enlarged Area Zoom Out Zoom In Zoom Factor Adjusting Bar 20_ live viewer To select a dital zoom area 1. Open IRIS : As the iris exposure is lower with a greater lht intensity, the scene gets brht. Click [Modify] button after entering the name to edit selected item.

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You can also search for and play recording data in the product on a remote site, which will be an effective and convenient monitoring system. Note that the security and other related issues caused by the unchanged password shall be responsible for the user. h Switch Aspect Ratio Select an aspect ratio for display in the Live screen. Select a site in the tree and press the [Enter] key. To adjust the focus This is to adjust the focus manually. If you select a specific item in the list and click [Delete], the selected item will be removed from the list.

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This guide is for Models RS21 and SRS typical symptoms include ice tray stuck in twisted position ice maker will not drop ice into bucket will have to much water in tray all frozen over will make a lot of noise whilst ice maker is in operation HOW TO REPAIR the good thing about the RS21 and SRS ice makers is that they are easy to replace , all you have to do is remove the ice bucket , locate and remove the 2 screws at the top of the ice maker - gently pull the ice maker forward , you will then see the electrical connector - unclip the connector and fully remove the ice maker .

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Overview Contents overview 2 2 Contents 4 What is Smart Viewer? Name and function of each item in Live Viewer b a c s r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d Item Description a Device List Displays the list of registered devices. This is an enlarged image on the screen; however, it is different from the optical zooming. The shape of the mouse pointer will switch to normal and the zoom mode will be released. Keep clicking on a left-side area to turn the lens clockwise; keep clicking on a rht-side area will turn the lens counter clockwise. To control the preset You can save a specific position of the camera in advance or move to a predefined position. More information user s manual Multi Viewer Network Software For Novus Dital Multiplexers series NV-DVR900 / NV-DVR1600 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.

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