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It is best to understand that most snow blowers do not have a battery in them. If it is a 2 cycle motor, make sure the gas / oil mixture is correct. Turn the key and listen to see if it tries to start. You may have to play with the choke lever between on and off to encourage it to keep running until it smooths out.. You may not have a choice if there is no engine speed lever on your model. Start the engine by using either the electric startbutton or the recoil starter.

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The Electric start, if present, is usually powered by 110 Volts. If it is a 4 cycle motor, make sure the oil level is proper. If the switch is a 3 position switch, Turn the key on. Using the recoil starter: Hold the snowthrowerhandle with one hand and pull the recoil startervigorously with the other hand. Connect the power cord to the snowthrowerand to a standard household power outlet andpush the starter button.

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Hopefully the carburetor has not been dirtied because of the old gas being left in too long.. Here are the procedures as quoted from the manual.. Turn the ignition key clockwise to the On position.2. Firmly push in the primer 2 times with yourthumb, holding the primer in for a second beforereleasing it each time.4.

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Important: Run the electric starter no more than10 times at intervals of 5 seconds on, then 5 secondsoff.

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