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My Logan new collection is still the best ca I ever had ;-)I would like to know, if there is the possibility to get a Logen Instruction Manual, like it is delivert with the car, but as a pdf- file. The German Dacia Hotline dont like to help me there in any way. Thanks Paykan If you want you can send the paper version to me so i can make a PDF-version from it.

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Manual De Taller Renault Logan 2007 -

But: I probably have to separate the pages so I can scan them.

Manual de Servicio Dacia Logan -

And for your information Stu: I WILL use mine as soon as I have my MCV and put the information in PDF-format on my site but there is a chance that I have to wait till January 2008 because the MCV is sold out in the Netherlands!!

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