Honeywell smart transmitter st3000 manual


Differential pressure transmitters are used primarily in flow applications in concert with a measuring element such as an orifice plate, pitot tube, or V-Cone type sensor.

ST 3000 Smart Transmitter Release 300 - Honeywell

These devices measure the difference between 2 pressures and provide a linear or square root analog output snal in proportion to the difference.

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ST 3000 Smart Pressure Transmitter Series 900

DP transmitters are also used in level and low gauge pressure applications where the pressure inside a duct or the level of fluid inside a tank can be compared to atmospheric pressure.

Transmitters Honeywell ST 3000 Smart Pressure

Smart transmitters have the benefit of adjustable measuring span or range within specified limits.

Honeywell smart transmitter st3000 manual:

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