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So for most of the time it will be providing far more heat than you actually need.

Manual operation - Sensi

Temperature controls allow your heating system to work effectively enough to heat your house quickly, but only to make your home as warm as you like it – whatever the weather outside.

Programmable, Dital & <strong>Manual</strong> A/C

Manual 2441TH Insteon Thermostat

You can still make the most of your manual thermostat by adjusting the temperatures daily before you leave the house and when you go to sleep at nht.

Scheduling guide - Emerson Climate Technologies

EPA offers additional information on heating and cooling your home efficiently (PDF, 2.6MB) en espanol — Guía para la Eficiencia de Energía en la Calefacción y el Aire Acondicionado (PDF, 2.5MB), as well as general home improvement advice.

I want a manual thermostat:

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