Iomega zip 250 users manual

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Always use partition 4 on the zip disk for any FAT filesystem, however. Once you know the device name, edit /etc/fstab - sudo gedit /etc/fstab .

Low End Mac's Compleat Guide to Zip Drives and Disks Low End.

This file controls how all your drives are mounted.

Low End Mac's Compleat Guide to <strong>Zip</strong> Drives and Disks Low End.

ActiveWindows -- Iomega USB Zip 100 - Review

Unfortunately these devices don't always work 'out-of-the-box' on some Linux systems, but it's nothing a little manual confuration can't fix. Open up a terminal and type sudo mkdir /media/zip0 . In Linux, IDE devices are named according to the following pattern- /dev/hda Primary IDE Controller Master (usually your hard drive) /dev/hdb Primary IDE Controller Slave /dev/hdc Secondary IDE Controller Master (usually your CD-ROM) /dev/hdd Secondary IDE Controller Slave Look in System Device Manager.

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If you are using Ubuntu Warty visit the Warty Tips & Tricks forum). Not strictly necessary, but gives your drive a slhtly shorter name to be referenced by. Next to 'block.device' should appear your drive's device name.

Iomega zip 250 users manual:

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