Saeco cafe charisma owners manual


Below you will find suggestions for solving some of the more common issues that may occur from time to time with your Saeco espresso machine. • The support movie is applicable for all Full Automatic Espresso machines, not only the mentioned models in the title.5.

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All solutions and support movies are applicable for the complete range of the Saeco full automatic machines (Xelsis, Pico Baristo, Incanto, Gran Baristo, Exprelia, Energica, Intelia, Intuita, Minuto, Synthia, Xsmall and all others). Press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine back ON.

<em>Saeco</em> Espresso Italiano <em>Owners</em> <em>Manual</em>

Saeco Caffe Charisma SUP025PYR Manuals

To make the message disappear: • Remove the coffee grounds container while the machine is switched on, wait at least 5 seconds and then reinsert it.

Saeco Espresso Italiano Owners Manual

Insert a spoon handle into the coffee funnel and unblock it. If the coffee grounds container is emptied while the machine is switched off, the coffee cycle counter is not reset and the ‘empty coffee grounds container’ message does not disappear.

Saeco cafe charisma owners manual:

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